Our Story

In 2013, founders Titus and Christina Bartolotta were blessed with their first child.

This event lead to an evaluation of their lives, and the realization of how different their lives were now in comparison to their childhoods.

Remembering how struggle and poverty were a part of their everyday lives, and just how different it was now to have food on their table, and to be blessed to have jobs to pay their bills, created a truly deep reflection of just how different their child’s life would be. Titus knew firsthand that one meal was a lot to someone who was hungry, and how a single opportunity could be just the break needed to maneuver out of struggle.

Both Titus and Christina grew up in broken homes and watched those involved in raising them work very hard to “make it work.” To overcome the many obstacles that confront a single parent – especially one lacking the means to provide for their family in the way they most desire – is not easy.

Never lacking in love or a relationship with God, Titus saw that even though he and Christina were now far from rich financially, they had truly been blessed by The Lord. Seeing that God had given them a lot inspired the Bartolotta family to work harder than ever to make a difference in their community. They wanted to not just do good, but to do a lot of good. They wanted to give that one meal or that one opportunity to those in need.

After much thought and prayer, the family decided they would follow the inspiration of The Lord and create a legal, nonprofit charity focused on organizing efforts to provide support to their community. Christina was truly excited by this and couldn’t wait to get the ball rolling. A name quickly came to mind…

With their last name being BartoLOTTA, their desire to do a LOTTA good, and the knowledge that they had been blessed with a LOT, they felt The Lotta Foundation would be a name that truly fit.

In 2014, The Lotta Foundation was legally established through Christina’s hard work and commitment to ensure all the paperwork was completed. They communicated to the public that The Lotta Foundation would not be a church or a ministry, but rather a nonprofit charity, whose desire was to be an extension of the hands of God. They prayed that the Foundation’s actions and decisions would be pleasing in the eyes of The Lord, and they were ready for their next steps.
The first step included finding talented, professional people who wanted to join their efforts to help those in need in the community. Creating a structure with bylaws and a web and social media presence to educate the community about their work was next. In their first year, The Lotta Foundation created LOTTA drives and events that were truly successful.

The Lotta Foundation has since expanded its number of volunteers and its Board of Directors, all of whom are focused on doing A LOTTA GOOD.

The Mission and Vision

Our simple, but effective, mission is to help people in need. We work with local businesses and trade partners, focusing on community-based efforts that include toy drives and providing necessary support items like food and clothing.

Pulling together the efforts of the community allows us to accomplish the common goal of helping improve quality of life for those in need.

We want to inspire a culture and change the path of our collective future by helping provide the building blocks that create opportunities for those in need to find success.