The Lotta Foundation can’t thank our volunteers and business partners enough for the support and assistance they provide.  No words can convey how grateful we are for their time, effort, and sometimes money.

So we will let the words of those who have benefited most from their efforts say thank you for us.

I want to express my gratitude to The Lotta Foundation for the more than 500 toys that you donated to underserved families in East Huntersville this Christmas. This donation allowed our organization to set up a dignified shopping experience during which parents could personally select gifts for their children. This event brought a community together to support struggling families and to share the love of Christ. Thank you Lotta Foundation for making this possible!

Angela Parker
East Huntersville Community Outreach, Inc.

On behalf of Meadowlake Church and the EH Kids Klubb, I want to thank The Lotta Foundation for sponsoring our kids for Christmas! Receiving the 500+ toys from Lotta   enabled us to set up an awesome “shopping” experience for our Kids Klubb parents. We set up the toys on 9 different tables. The parents received 10 tickets and could redeem 1 ticket per table per child. The 10th ticket was for a raffle( the two scooters we received!)!
There was such a great selection of toys and the parents were so excited to see toys on their children’s lists… Lego sets, pie face game, Barbie doll to name a few!
Thank you for including us in this great community  outreach and for brightening Christmas for 48 kids and 16 youth  in Huntersville!

Terri Karam
Kids Klubb director

Events like the Lotta Foundation’s “Great day of Play”, which takes place during Spring Break, provide an important service to families with limited means who may not be able to replace the breakfast and lunch provided by schools or afford enriching experiences like vacation. The “Great day of Play” accomplishes both and fills a pressing need in the community. –

Gabriel Pelly
Family Engagement Coordinator
Ada Jenkins Center

The Lotta Foundation is an amazing organization. Few charities make such a meaningful impact at ground level. Of course, considering the founders, I wouldn’t expect anything less. They are two of the most sincere and humble people I’ve had the privilege of knowing.

Doug Franks – review on Facebook

They are an extraordinary people, they are so blessed that the Spirit of the Lord is overflowing from them that they have a giving spirit, and care about their community as well as just everyone. that’s what you will see and feel when you meet the Lotta Foundation team they are all on the same Accord.

Maryellen Miles – review on Facebook

The team at the Lotta foundation truly have a heart for giving back and are doing amazing things for the community!

Anna Clute Brown – review on Facebook